Saturday, May 18, 2013


Two weeks ago while on a business trip to Toronto I could not help but drive by my old place to see how it is doing.  While I do not feel nostalgic about the house I cannot help but still feel as if the garden is mine.
I am glad to see it alive and well. 
Crocus already done, daffodils in their glory along with the Periwinkle and Grecian Windflowers, and everything else coming along nicely. 

It is hard to imagine how busy I kept with such a small space. 
Will I need ten of me to keep all the gardens at my new property in order?

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  1. It's so nice to know that the next owners are keeping the garden up so well. The colors are really grand.

    1. It does feel good knowing all my plants are being cared for.

  2. Oh, that looks very much like the neighborhood where my Toronto cousin resides. Cabbagetown, by any chance? At least your garden is being cared for. About 10 years ago we moved to a new house in the same town. The new residents of my former house ruthlessly dug up a lot of stuff, and just aren't caring my precious gardens at all! It makes me sad when I drive by, which thankfully is not often!

    1. You bet it is Cabbagetown, and you are right it is great that they are taking care of it. We sold to our neighbour so I knew that it would be.


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