Monday, May 27, 2013



  Digging into the lasagna garden last week for the first time was a welcome experience. The soil was amazing, better than I have ever gardened with before; my plants are going to be very happy.

A blend of compost, soil, clay, composting debris, peat; a bit stinky in fact.

Whomever described the garden as composting over the winter did not live with 5 months of frozen Winnipeg winter!

Above is a shot of what the south lasagna garden looks like after I removed the cedars, at least the taller cedars that is. I am going to leave the globe cedars there for the time being and see how they look. They may need to be moved if the soil is too high around them, but that is low on my priority list at the moment.  For now I just hope they appreciate the amazing soil.

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