Tuesday, July 19, 2016


A walk through the Sun Garden, past the Rock Garden and out to the Monet Garden
View from the driveway of the Sun Garden
4 years ago there was no garden on the left-hand side, nor any cherry tree.

Yellow Heliopsis form a border around the whole are, not just this garden.

Blanket Flower, Poppy, Heliopsis, Sea Holly, Iris, Crocosmia, Liatris

Soon purple Liatris will join the blooms to make the colour combo complete.

Left, back to the driveway

Right, into the rock garden
Ostrich Plume Astilbe, year 2
Irish moss, year 1 and doing well between paving stones
Stonecrop ground cover (bottom right) all native, simply grouped together for effect
Entrance to the Rock Garden from the Monet Garden

The curved back border reflects where this garden was lawn 4 years ago.
A hot mess with Forget-me-nots taking over.
An endless supply of daylilies means they are always used in my planters.