Sunday, July 26, 2015


A tour of the yard and its many gardens, from back to front.

Clematis, Daylily, Asiatic lily, husband.

Daylily, Clematis, Lamium.

Clematis, Salvia, Morning Glory, Daylily, Peas, Squash, Rosemary & Calla Lily that amazingly survived our zone 3 winter.

Suzie checking out the "Cantina".

Path into the Sun Garden; more of a late summer garden...

Milkweed, Rudbeckia, Heliopsis, Sunflowers.

On the path through the Sun Garden; tall Sunflowers are 'volunteers' from my bird feeders.

'Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower is amazing, alongside the taller bi-coloured Rudbeckia.

Path off to the driveway.

Path to the front yard.

Not pretty yet, but Heliopsis are beginning to fill in under the spruce.

The Globe Thistle (right) are reaching great heights and the Sedum (left) in the rock garden has been blooming for weeks.

 This Lamium blooms all summer long. Quite aggressive in this rich soil and semi-shade it is hemmed in by sidewalk and equally aggressive daylilies.

Forget-me-nots have beautified the front garden for weeks while the Calla Lilies and Monarda have just begun to bloom.

The scent of these giant Lilies is incredible, both they and the ferns will get substantially larger over the next few years and I have high hopes for how great they will look together.

Monkshood over 6 feet tall! Half I cut back in spring to lengthen the clump's bloom time.

I believe there are three colours of Monarda but so far only one is in bloom.

Drumstick Allium, Campanula, Verbascum, Monkshood, Forget-me-not, volunteer sunflowers.

I like to combine plant material from the yard with annuals in my yard urns,.

Lamium in front of the hedge transitions nicely from the Monet to the Moon Garden.

Each year I will need fewer Impatiens to fill in between the Astilbe and Hosta in front the Bleeding Heart.

Obedient Plant and Liatris: though still a ways away from blooming I love the foliage of the latter.

Daisy, Peony, Nasturtium, Coneflower, Bleeding Heart, Impatiens. Who knew compact, white Nasturtium existed? Let us hope they begin to bloom soon.

Bishop's Goutweed with Peony and Lamb's ear.