Saturday, May 25, 2013


Properly hardening off plants seemed like so much work before I started growing plants from seed this year that I almost did not try it. Keeping track of 'one hour today and two hours tomorrow', 'shade then sun' is simple to understand but hard to execute on a busy schedule.

To really understand when a plant is ready to make the move outside I experimented.  I am growing MoonFlower at the base of the Japanese Lilac I have been following through the seasons (below).
Two nights ago I planted the first of my precious seedlings. A Moon Flower. It went down to 5 degrees but the little fella survived fine, so last night I added another two around the base and tonight I planted the remaining three along the nearby hedge and fence along the border of the Moon Garden.

Oh, and I left out my seedlings all day in the sun and all night (down to 3 degrees) and they appear to be fine -  so I guess they are officially hardened off enough. It was not as much work as I had thought and I am thrilled with how many plants I have for the money.

Now to plant them and see how they adapt to the garden...clear my schedule!

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  1. You're right; traditional hardening off seems like a stressful schedule! I have a very convenient covered porch that works well for hardening off purposes. It's in sun for a few hours beginning mid-morning and then, by the hottest point in the afternoon, it's in shade. I was all set to harden off a few flats of seedlings (annuals and tomatoes) this past week, but the weather did not cooperate! We went from mid-eighties, glaring sun, and high humidity to upper forties, rain, high wind, and frost warnings within three days! Things look to be improving now, though, and I'm hoping to get them out of the house soon! Time to reclaim the tabletops!

    1. Lucky you with your porch! I am finishing planting my seedlings this weekend, I hope you gets yours in soon.


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