Thursday, June 28, 2012

THRIFTY THURSDAY - forget-me-nots

Since I am moving to zone 3 and have to change the name of my blog accordingly I should change it to something that conveys I take my gardening passion with me where ever I go vs. being tied to a specific location. 
Suggestions welcome.

To that point is a photo below from my visit to the family cottage on Lake Winnipeg in May.  There were forget-me-nots galore spread out in back alleys and along the roadside everywhere.  Everywhere but my parents' cottage that is, so I quickly set about to fix that.

Sorry I don't have a shot of the finished product (can you believe it?), but I want to share with you not just the beautiful blue of the forget-me-nots, but also another example of how harvesting wild plants can work.  And what a great way to be thrifty it is.   I must have collected about three times this many and of course each bag is filled with loads of individual plants so they are spread out quite nicely in their new home and I'm sure that next year enough will have self-seeded to come back again.

 If you are in the city it's presumably tough, but out in the country I find plenty of material.  I never take many plants from any one location and I look for places that others won't necesarily see, (like behind sheds in the back lane instead of at the end of someone's driveway).  Of course I don't take from anyone's property without permission, I plant the plants quickly and keep them well watered after transplant, etc.

By filling my garden with common roadside wildflowers (i.e. 'weeds' depending on your perspective) I have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

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