Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been dying to share this plant combination.

  I feel very proud of it, though who is to say that it hasn't been shared before, certainly it must have been done before...nevertheless I take pride in discovering it for myself.

The Tall Buttercup seems to be floating amongst the ferns, or better yet, it appears as if my Ostrich Ferns have grown delicate yellow flowers. 
Wouldn't that be amazing?

As you walk the path more reveal themselves than show in a single photo. 
All plants above gathered from country roadside ditches I might add.

Last year I placed the buttercups everywhere amongst the ferns not knowing if they would come back or not, ignoring my normal practice of testing just a few in the first year because I think they look so amazing. And this year, instead of waiting to see how they will come back on their own before adding more I have just plowed ahead with them again.  

With us moving to Winnipeg I don't know when the next time I'll be here at this time of year is.

When you think about it, they can basically grow like this in the wild. 
Nature knows what it is doing, eh?

{Feb 2014 - While technically you could see this pairing in nature the Buttercups generally need more sun than the Ostrich Ferns.  With damp feet the ferns can survive in the sun but don't expect the Buttercups to survive in the shade.}

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