Friday, June 08, 2012


May 2012

Although this 3'x3' space is very small it has a very prominent place and given how everybody being welcomed into our home has to pass it, I think of it as its own 'mini-garden'.  Over the last couple of years I've added a few plants to give it more height and depth and what was originally just a lovely patch of Periwinkle is now quite eye-catching and stands up and takes command.
  • 2010 I added first Ostrich Fern.  Yes, that one.
  • 2011 I under planted a couple of smaller ferns as well, trying to create something asymmetrical and slightly off centre.  The single big fern appeared a bit too 'regal' for my taste.
  • Spring 2012 this year I added 3 red trillium which you can see in the photo above.
  • And in fall 2012 I'll be adding 5 Trepolo Daffodils; this spot deserves to have something unique.  I will have to pull out some Periwinkle to do it (it is a thick mat of roots), but I have space just on the other side of the path to transplant it.  How convenient.

April 2012

May 2012

Such a huge plant hiding in April but in full vigour by May.  The Ostrich Ferns (links to amazing website for info on ferns!) really spring up quickly and make a dramatic difference from week to week, especially when we only have the privilege of being at the cottage on weekends.

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