Thursday, April 11, 2013

TAKING STOCK - plans slowly coming together

With plants overwintering in my parents' garden and both seeds and plants ordered online, it is time I take stock of exactly what I have for each of my new gardens. Only then can I think about how to arrange them, how many I actually need and how much room I will have left for direct sowing (or more plants from the Friends' annual Mother's Day spring plant sale).

South Garden (hot summer colours)
Swiss Chard (seeds)
Columbine, Bordeaux Barlow - 30 seeds
California Poppy, orange  (seeds x2)
Dianthus, "Brilliant"- 250 seeds
Lupine, "My castle" - 100 seeds
Oriental Poppy. "Brilliant" - 200 seeds
This feels like quite enough, especially when you take into account that I can fill any 'empty spots' with seeds. There is a bit more yellow than I planned, so perhaps I will move some into the front garden with the purples.  

Moon Garden (all white)
Moonflower (seeds)
White Lupin (seeds) 
Shasta Daisy (seeds)
Alyssum (seeds)
Balloon Flower, "Fuji White" - 50 seeds
Candytuft, "Snowflake" - 100 seeds
Goat's Beard - 600 seeds
100 white daffodils
Here it also feels like quite enough, after all, this garden is rife with creeping bellflower so I should not plant too much this first year.

Front Garden (blue/purple with orange/yellow highlights)
Primula x5
Lots of spring seeds but not lots of summer or fall colour. This is where I need to focus my attention. I am thiking of adding Chicory & Viper's Bugloss seeds since I have fallen for these roadside weeds over the last few summers at the Ontario cottage.

Front Spruce (Alpine garden)
160 giant Crocus
I just need some more Foxglove seeds here.

"mystery plant" x6
Big Blue Hosta x2


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