Saturday, April 13, 2013

DRY CREEK BED - part 1 of 2

For the first few years there was not too much 'garden-esque' south of our path other than the spring daffodils and some Periwinkle.

At the bottom of the stairs, a relatively prominent place, I began adding ferns alongside the path to green it up and provide some fill between us and our neighbour. 

June 2010
Many, many transplants later things were looking great.  The flat exposed stone in the center acted as a boarder keeping the Periwinkle in check, but it also became covered in a slippery and slimy leaf mulch.

June 2011
When more stones than expected arrived to bolster the slope in the Driveway Garden I saw an opportunity. 

At first I spaced the stones apart slightly; I liked being able to see the flat rock beneath them. 

However the best way to get water to my newly planted ferns was across the creek, a dangerously ankle-twisting proposition, so I added more stones.  Tightly packed stones do not move around nearly as much.

May 2012
Last year I extended the creek up to where it runs into a fairly large boulder where it feels more natural that it somehow disappears. 

July 2012


  1. Hi...I have always loved dry creek beds in the garden and yours in wonderful. You did such a great job making it look so natural. It looks like I was hiking and just came across it!! :-)

    1. Awesome Christy that is exactly how I want people to feel about it.

  2. What a great job you have done D-Y to make it look all natural well done.

    1. Thanks Scotkat, it is certainly mt goal to keep it looking very natural, glad you agree I've accomplished that :)

  3. So often these look contrived, but yours is just perfect. Bravo!

    1. Perfect is high praise indeed! Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by.


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