Sunday, March 31, 2013


Thank goodness after I bought a bunch of plants at the Friends of Gardens Manitoba annual fall sale that I wrote about it so that I have a  record of what I bought. What I meant to do as an immediate next step - but has taken me 6 months - is to map out exactly where I overwintered everything in my parents' garden, so I will be able to find it come spring, which is finally (and slowly) introducing itself to us once again.

Below is everything I bought at the sale.
 Now let us see  how my memory has held out.

We will start with an easy one - the Sempervivum and Mixed Sedum along the west fence, away from the rest of the overwintering lot.  They will go under the large Spruce tree in the front yard.

Mother's Choice peony (x2) will be planted in the front Moon Garden.
Grim Chiloense (x4) for the south lasagna garden
 White Swan Echinacea (x5), also for the front Moon Garden.

Leopard's Bane (x6) for the south lasagna garden.
Blue Hosta (x2). No idea where they are for.

Primula (x 5) will move to the front lasagna garden. Not shown above but in overwintering in the same bed I added the 5 new Blanketflower amongst the 6 I bought from Sage Herb gardens earlier in the summer.

Along  the side of the sunroom we have the two "Red Charm" Peonies for the south lasagna garden,

and a single "Bowl of Cream" Peony for the Moon Garden.

Around the corner we have the Iris. 
(German? Siberian? Japanese? Only time will tell)

Clematis Blueboy and Blue Angel. Not sure where I will put them.
"Broadway Lights" daisies. White for the moon garden.
                                       Iceland Poppies x4 will go into the south lasagna garden.
                                   Rudbeckia Goldstein x 5 will also go in the south lasagna garden.
        The mystery plant? I assume it will be red or yellow and will also end up in the south lasagna garden

Glad to see my pale yellow Foxglove x 2
Judging by the foliage I am guessing Asclepias x6

That leaves me with the following plants unaccounted for in my map:
Bee Balm x3
Goatsbeard x 5 
Heliopsis x 1

I have learned my lesson and next time I will map out my planting immediately, before the details fade...thank goodness I was smart enough to take some photos even if I have been lazy about acting on them.


  1. I remember where I planted my bee balm last year. Good thing, because the leaves hug the ground and there isn't much foliage showing. I used to have a detailed map of the locations of all my plants when I was in the Master Gardener program, but I don't keep up with it often enough now. I have many hundreds of different perennials out there, and the newer ones I have to wait until they start growing to remember their locations, LOL. So many big plans for your gardens. Will be fun to see how it all plays out.

    1. I expect this mapping will only last through the initial plantings, to get the base well mapped out. There is no question that keeping them up-to-date can be daunting!

  2. Well, it's good to have some surprises, isn't it? LOL I should do a better job keeping track of where I plant things, but at least the plants don't depend on our memory in order for them to grow.

    Yes, I am so excited for spring to be here! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    1. If I do not record them I forget them. In fact even with mapping them I still misplaced some, LOL.

  3. Spring where are you? Can't wait to feel you.. Surely keeping track of where to plant and what to plant.


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