Saturday, February 02, 2013


When I planted my bulbs last fall I mapped out exactly where I put them including exact type and number per grouping...where the map is today however is anyone's guess.

Lesson learned: post it on the blog right away or risk losing it.

With that said I can still document roughly where I planted  just not the exact names and numbers, so hopefully in the spring it will be obvious and I can give an update

North Side Garden
Approx 80 white daffodils, 4 different types in 5 clusters, both early and mid bloomers:

  • Wisely, early bloomer, over sized yellow cup, 16"
  • Professor Einstein, early bloomer, orange cup, 12"
  • Marjorie Hein, mid bloomer, orange trimmed yellow-throated cup, 18"
  • Barrett Browning, mid bloomer, orange cup, 16"

North front window garden

  • 22 Allium for late Spring blooms 
  • 80 mixed Giant Crocus for early Spring colour. 
Get all the details in this earlier post.

Under front spruce
  • 160 Giant Crocus running North-South in a line under the tree (rather than in a circle to contrast with the curvature of the garden).  Remembrance and Pickwick in alternating colour blocks.  
  • 50 early-blooming Iris reticulada, closer to the front path amongst the pieces of the old broken-up concrete sidewalk.

Street tree
40 Giant Crocus around the base of the tree to the right; I want neighbours to be able to enjoy the display as well and I want them to welcome us as we pull into the driveway.

Street shrubs

  • 25 Red Devon, mid bloomer, yellow with orange cup,  16"
  • 25 Orange Progress, early bloomer, yellow with orange cup, 16"

Under back Spruce
50 daffodils in amongst the Bishop's Weed. Shorter in front, taller in back.

  • 25 Jetfire, early bloomer, yellow with orange cup, 10"
  • 25 Pimpernel, mid bloomer, yellow with orange cup, 18" 

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  1. I cannot wait for the post about when they sprout and bloom!! :)

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    1. Thanks, there is not too much growing in it now, but there are great bones and there is certainly lots of potential!

  3. awesome post! lots to look forward to!
    thanks for linking in!!! sorry I am so late getting around...hope you will link up again soon!
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