Tuesday, December 04, 2012

TREE FOLLOWING - north, part 2

The other week I did my first tree following to share with treeblogging.com
 The photo I shared was taken in the fall after all of the foliage had fallen and I thought the opportunity to see this particular tree with all its bushiness intact and would be past by the time spring comes round given my plans for winter pruning. 

Then I found this pic. 
I took it before we actually took possession of our home in the fall but had forgotten to download it - there are more to come!

And I found this pic too, which I took to share with more experienced gardeners to help me identify the tree, which I think a friend has done already!  

I had dinner guests over and one happens to be a landscape architect.  How he could tell in the darkness that this was a Japanese Lilac Tree is beyond me, but there you go, I think he was right the way he described the horizontal lenticels on the bark (see below) and the seed pods (see above).

I am very happy to have  a lilac tree, and now that I have that in mind, the leaves do look like a lilac even if the shape of the tree did not make me think of the shrubs I am familiar with.

The Japanese Lilac blooms slightly later in June and has a fragrance that I am eager to get to know and which means its placement by the front door should pay sweet dividends.

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  1. I went and looked and realized that I had participated in the Festival of Trees, I will have to get back at it. I have lilacs, but had never heard of a lilac tree..interesting pods on it... Michelle from Nature Notes..

    1. After some pruning it will actually look like a tree - check out Google images for lilac tree and you'll see lots.