Friday, August 03, 2012


A potential problem with garden art is that it can quickly become tacky.  
I don't mean to throw shade on other people's tastes but what is with the popularity of garden gnomes?  I understand they are cute, but they are also predictable and that is why I avoid them.

I prefer something along these lines:
 They are just stunning, I love their scale.  And what a great way to keep old shovel heads out of a landfill to boot!

These copper herons are what I ended up getting. I had wanted something that would look natural (e.g. no gnomes, no windmills) and something subdued, something that would not attract your attention too much but was worth looking at once you noticed it. 

And I think these fit the bill.

They were an excellent buy, $20 each at Giant Tiger, a Canadian discount retailer.  I don't go there often, but whenever I have, I have usually stumbled on something interesting.  I have seen similar birds for twice the price that I did not like as much at other retailers, so I feel good about the price.  So good in fact that I have brought them with me to Winnipeg so I can spend more time with them than the few weeks we will be at the Ontario cottage each year.
The stones in the grill work and pocks on their necks and faces warrant lingering.

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  1. Those are lovely..I have a metal heron back by the pond that I bought after I found out what a heron was when we first moved here...I do love the shovel art..repurposing is wonderful..Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle it will be fun finding a spot for them once we choose a new home in Winnipeg.


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