Sunday, June 10, 2012


Thanks neighbour!
In my post yesterday I commented on how the pale pink Columbine growing in my neighbours lawn would make a great addition to what I already have starting under the North Deck Garden.  There are so many species and cultivars it is hard to know which they are; my research would suggest that wild Columbine around here should be the red and yellow Aquilegia canadensis but as you can see the ones here are most definitely pink.  

Today when I heard the weed whacker kick to life I jumped into action and stopped in next door for a chat. I confirmed that their plans today included mowing and lucky for me no transplanting, so I was able to salvage about a half dozen Columbine and dozens of what I'll call 'pink spring asters' until I can confirm.  My neighbour had been thinking they looked too good to cut down and was happy to see them move to somewhere they will be cared for.

June 2012

Very different looking today from yesterday and I can't wait until next year when they'll come back absolutely fresh, robust and with any luck in greater numbers. 

Considering this space was barren until late July last year, I am very happy with how it is coming to life.

Some other snaps from this weekend:
Hardy Geranium rescued from a darker spot where it bloomed both less in number and size was moved 'to the front of the line' where it is thriving and looking good with the German Iris.

Funnily enough I bought the Bold Reblooming Iris Collection from Vesey's in 2010 (after a naturally occurring Iris in the Lakefront Garden showed me the way).  This is not a bold colour and I don't think I've seen them rebloom, but then again they have not bloomed this much in previous years either.  Maybe they will surprise me a second time now that they have settled in?

 Also on the lake garden, a second Iris: Siberian Iris 'Caesar's Brother.  This is great news because last spring I planted the Caesar's Brother somewhere too shady and it never grew.  Mid summer I transplanted it here to get more sun and it looks like they have recovered.  I am taking a chance by adding some to the false creek up by the road.  It is good to know that if those don't do well, I can always move them in down to the Lakefront Garden.

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