Saturday, June 09, 2012


Apologies to Exodus 20:17, but I covet my neighbour's plants.

Neighbours to the North have not been down much this year and so far their grass has been left uncut.  No sweat, it happens.  However what it means is that this year some very robust Columbine have moved into the middle of the wild lawn. Or more likely, Columbine that have been there for a few years have been given more time undisturbed this year and are taking full advantage. 

Now that I am cultivating Columbine under the North Deck Garden (in the background in this pic of the Clematis I snapped last night), I can't help but covet these.  I think Jesus would understand.
After all, they are in the middle of the lawn and likely to die an untimely death, if not this weekend then surely next. 

I am on red alert for the sound of a weed whacker. 

If I hear it I may pop over and ask to rescue some before they are chopped, then again, maybe I'll mind my own bees wax. 

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