Monday, June 25, 2012


As I stood in pseudo-mediation for 20 minutes watching the duck that had made the tall jump to our floating raft this evening I was feeling very contented to be sharing my space, after all the fauna we get here is a big part of having a woodland garden on a lake for me.

Just as I was thinking how nice it was that this particular duck didn't mind sharing the space either, especially with me puttering around on shore, 2 other ducks landed and regrouped with #1.  I say 'regrouped' because even though I don't speak duck there was no missing that these ducks were previous acquaintances.  Absolutely happy to see one another.

After that, a swim at dusk in utter silence with the dogs waiting patiently at the end of the dock.   Ever had the pleasure of having an entire lake to yourself? 

Here is a view 'from the Lakefront Garden' instead 'of the Lakefront Garden'.
To honour the ducks that were my pals today I thought I would share some recent pics of other visitors I've had recently at the cottage.

I found this link to Ontario's Salamanders only after searching for Ontario's Skinks and Ontario's Lizards: apparently only one type of each in Ontario, and these are not them.

Quite a few wild turkeys around in the spring when it was less busy here.  This one in particular liked to treat itself to the bird seed spilled under the feeder.  It's a wonder there was never a dog-turkey incident.  

And I suppose this is how the birdseed spilled to the ground.

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