Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Let's take a photo-journey back through time.

FALL 2006

Tonight's post was going to be a long review of my journey over the last six years with my Cabbagetown back garden.  Looking at these before-and-after pics for the first time in six years has been a great trip down memory lane and shone a light on just how much the yard has changed.  

And I take pride in that.
I always told anyone who asked that I pretty much used what was here when I started, and while that is true to a degree, I have also moved everything but the largest trees and shrubs, put in a patio, pruned everything (back when I started and now what remains all twice that size again) and added a plethora of fresh plant material. 

I would love for the previous owners to see it and hear what they think.  After all, what was with the donught of grass around the centre garden in such a small space?  Awkward for entertaining and no place for a family with two young dogs in my opinion.

SPRING 2012    (Ta Da!)

You can recognize a few standouts like the Japanese Maple and Solomon's Seal, but  it looks more like a new garden than I imagined until I looked at these pics side by side.

Green(s) and white are my basic palette and are repeated in the Hostas, a couple of other perennials and the Impatiens I throw it the few gaps in the Periwinkle until it really takes over in a few years.

A giant Norway Maple  (boo, invasive species) single-handedly determines that this is most definitely a shade garden. 
More about the back yard another day, for now, good night and good gardening.

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