Monday, June 18, 2012


While most of my gardening happens in the shade, the "Lakefront Garden" is the exception.  It is 100 feet of shorefront above the retaining wall.   As you can see, it was originally home to driftwood, some ferns and lots of opportunity when we bought.

Summer 2008


Spring 2010 

Here you start to see the daylilies, which form the backbone of the garden, filling in.

In this garden you'll also find:
  • Sundrops that I transplanted from the Lily Garden last year where they add a great splash of colour before the daylilies are ready
  • Yellow Loosestrife (not invasive according to the website) which are a great height for mixing in with the daylilies and I love love their bright yellow flowers.  They bloom slightly after the Sundrops, so together they combine to have a dash of yellow for quite some time here
  • Oxeye daisies, which I gather from the roadside and which the Ontario government considers a weed

  • Pink Hardy Geranium
  • Blue German Iris
  • Blue Siberian Iris

March 2011

As you can see, in the spring it can flood, submerging the plants in icy water, but they don't seem to mind, thank goodness.

August 2011

Mostly common orange, but also some other colours I got from a Vessey's assorted grab bag.  I think we are really lucky to have such a gorgeous wildflower, but I've read that it can be aggressive compared to hybrids, so we will have to see if it takes over and snuffs the others out.  I certainly hope not because I love the mix - mostly orange, with an occasional surprise:

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