Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WILDFLOWER WEDNESDAY - columbine and mystery plant

Below is a shot of the extension of Periwinkle Hill at the top-most part of the driveway that I recently posted about.  Strategically sprinkled between the stones near the top to appear random is a cute little plant that I added a few of 2 years ago and then many more last spring once it was clear that they were surviving their transplant well. I once knew what they were and discovered they prefer to be moist, but they seem to be healthy enough on this dry slope.
I came across a few large patches with hundreds of plants which have orchid-like broad leaves and must have brought home three or four dozen over the course of a few trips to the woods. I think they are beautiful enough for sale in a garden centre but have never seen them before. I wonder why not?

Below them in the foreground (if you look closely) you will see a fair amount of Columbine which I have harvested from across my property where they had randomly sprung up and some I have rescued from my neighbours front yard (with their permission).  Another example of how grouping native plants already on your property can help them to have greater impact.
No prolific blooming yet, but healthy plants so I will give them more time to settle in before I judge too harshly.
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