Saturday, February 09, 2013


Spring 2010
I think the design of this part of the cottage is absolutely brilliant. 

I can not take credit for it however, the Periwinkle already cascaded down the slope with both Lily-of-the-Valley and Daffodil present.  Original daffs are right in the centre above and the others I added in year two when we planted a bushel across the property.

Spring 2012
However I have made some upgrades:

  • transplanted Periwinkle in bare patches
  • brought in moss for the rocks
  • removed some small trees (from under the electrical wires)
  • planted a couple of white Bleeding Hearts
  • added additional ferns
  • removed daylilies from the base of the steps that were not getting enough sun to bloom 
  • cleared out some drift wood 
  • added lots more Daffodils, Kedron blooming above right was a huge success
  • brought in yard art
  • planted 180 Giant Crocus about a dozen of which were missed by hungry Chipmunk's 
  • widened the path substantially, the Periwinkle had grown half way across the path!. Who knew there was actually a rock border to it?

Spring 2012

But the basic concept was already here. 

A true garden to readers of this blog, and perhaps not noticeably a garden at all for those people who prefer theirs have well defined borders. 

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