Saturday, January 05, 2013


At the family cottage outside of Winnipeg we have a cute little bunk house for guests.
Between the bunkie and the main cottage is this cute little strip of fir trees that have been there for quite a while despite their small stature.

My mother has been 'topping' the trees to keep the height manageable since she does not want them growing up and splitting the yard entirely in two.  Personally I think it would be okay to let them grow as tall as possible but not too high to be able to top them still, which would give the bunkie more of a sense of privacy from the rest of the cottage.  

They self seeded there and are so dense that when I was looking for evergreeens to transplant I could not take any from here because digging out one or two meant disturbing the roots of many because they are so tightly packed.

Last summer I harvested and transplanted Forget-Me-Nots and Asters and planted daffodil bulbs in and around the strip to really make it more of a focal point all season long.

I am a big fan of working with what you have instead of starting from scratch.  Not just because starting from scratch is for people who have a crew of helpers and infinite budget, but because there is something to be said for respecting and working with what nature has put there first.

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