Wednesday, January 02, 2013

TUXEDO OVERVIEW - north side

This space in back of the daylilies at the side of the driveway may become part of the alpine garden I am going to start at the base of this big old fir with the succulents I bought at the local horticultural society fall plant sale.

I have surmised that the stones currently under this tree are made up of the old sidewalk once it was replaced by interlocking stones.  I can easily harvest other rocks from the side of the road en route from the cottage to add to the Alpine look.

This shrub outside the front living room window will get a severe pruning since it appears to be blocking the window substantially.

And the same goes for this one outside the southern living room window, even more so.

Currently it blocks light from a whole pane of the bay window. 

Of course to understand how best to prune it I should probably know what it is, so if you know, please speak up.

An odd shaped block of grass has now been cut up and left as a strip/path with the introduction of my new lasagna garden which I put in this south facing spot to allow me to explore more sun loving plants.

The cedars are on my hit list.  Don't worry that just means I will plant them somewhere else, I would never just kill them off.

Originally just a minimally sized bed along the wall.

It has been expanded, the new bed at least twice the size of the old bed, leaving a path between two gardens.

And the cedars now awkwardly protrude from the garden's edge.  Figuring out this garden will take up a lot of my time this winter planning and this summer getting it planted and up and running. 

Hot colours to celebrate the sun is the general idea for colour scheme.  Appropriate or too obvious?  I guess we will have to wait and see how it turns out.
I love reds, yellows and particularly oranges, so I will run out of plants to try out.


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