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The list below is taken from a permanent page on my blog.  Today I am adding plants that I came across in my T&M Seed Catalogue.  I am not sure if they are the best place to order from or how they got my name, but I am glad they did.  They got me thinking about seeds whereas I have only used plants in the past.

I am not going to be afraid to try zone 4 plants (but will have to be sure to remember which they are so I do not plant all the risky ones in the same area) and I am going to keep a Buy list (B) and a consideration list (C) for next year and not buy everything I would like this year since I am just learning and it could all go awry.

So wherever I end up buying them from, these are the winners that have piqued my interest:

 Watermelon, Yellow Baby - random I know, but I want to integrate some 'veg' in my perennial garden, have always wanted to try my hand at watermelon and I will have more room this year before the garden fills in too much. (B)

Aconitum (Monkshood) 'Carmichaelli' - Whenever I have seen this live it has been less impressive than in magazines, I will hold off for a year. (C-3)

Asclepias (Milkweed) - "Gay Butterflies Mixed". Orange with red and yellow accents, perfect colours for my new south-facing lasagna (SFL) garden; it seemed "appropriate". (B-4)

Aquilegia (Columbine) 'Firecracker' - more orange/red/yellow for the SFL and I grew to like Columbine at the Ontario cottage where they volunteered. (C-3)
'Caerulea' - a shorty for the front of the front border. (B-3)
'William Guinness Doubles' - Without spurs they look quite different. (B-3)

Catananche (Cupid's Dart) 'Caerulea' - Never heard of this plant before, but I have room to experiment with blue/purple flowers/ (B-3)

Coreopsis 'Presto' - I already have some Coreopsis from last fall's local plant sale.  Let me see how they do before I invest in more. (C- 4)

Delphinium 'New Zealand Hybrids' - The one exception to the rule where I will accept a mix that has pink.  I have loved this plant for a long time but it has been years since I had a sunny enough garden for it. (B-3)

Dianthus 'Crimsonia' - I am not usually a fan of Dianthus, I think they are too plain, much like I feel about carnations as cut flowers. But these red beauties have frilly edges.  I would not have guessed what they were by the bloom. (B-3)

Echinacea 'White Swan' - I have some already from the fall plant sale, let us see how they do first. (C-3)

Echinops (Globe Thistle) - Sure their foliage makes it look like a roadside weed, but what is a weed after all? (B-3)

Foxglove 'Pam's Choice' - I am thinking that this could work well under the spruce near the house in the front yard, behind the alpine garden. (B-4)

Helenium 'Sunshine Hybrids' - Bright colours later in the season is something every garden can use. (B-4) 

Heliopsis 'Golden Double Hybrids' - Something I have never grown before. (B-4) 
'Sunburst' - This one has variegated foliage. (B-4)

Ipomea 'Hazlewood Blues' - About the only annual I am getting this year, though I know they self seed enthusiastically. (C)
  'Heavenly Blue' - for Guerrilla gardening - I know just where to put them. (B)

Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' - These 3 foot plants will be very different from the trailing annual I think of when I think  'lobelia' now. (B-4)

Malva 'Snow White' - Never heard of Malva before but I will  a lot of variety with my whites so I will happily try it out. (B-3/4)

Perennial Geranium 'Buxton Blue' - They served me well at the cottage I think they will like having a bit more sun here. (B-4) 

Poppy ' Brilliant' - A classic red. (B-4) 

Primula 'Noverna Deep Blue' - I need to check on this more since the catalogue says in blooms 'summer into fall' but I thought they bloomed exclusively in the spring. (B-4)
'Camelot Cream' - Will look good in the moon garden.

Prunella ' Freelander Blue' - I had never heard of it before; though it is short it blooms from May to October so I am in. (B-4)

Physotegia (Obedient Plant) ' Summer Snow' - I already have this listed on the page, this particular one is supposed to be less invasive than some. (C-4)

Sedum 'Turkish Delight' - Another later summer bloomer. (B-3)

Veronica (Speedwell) - Blue on blue. Catalogue says zone 4, but web says some are zone 3. (B-4)

Okay, so the list may be a bit too long, but at least I have step 1 done.  Step 2 will be to get feedback from locals on which of these zone 4 plants actually have a chance here.  That could really narrow down the field.

Here is the list as it as before these latest additions:

Old favourites I could not do without:


Creeping Jenny
Ferns of all kinds
Asiatic / Oriental / Day Lilies



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