Thursday, January 10, 2013

CREEPING BELLFLOWER - the pretty weed

Thanks to a reader for identifying the pesky weed I mentioned in a previous post as Creeping Bellflower.  I had seen it around before, but never in such numbers.

Really, there is a lot of it!

It was practically the only flower in my north front garden in the fall.

Oh my.

 According to the Alberta Invasive Plants Council I have many years of hand pulling ahead of me. 

The Vancouver Courrier suggests that I could nuke the whole area by laying down some tarp and cutting off sun to the area for a few years.  I can't see myself doing that since I do not know whet else could be growing there that I would like to keep.  

And of course I suppose it will respond well to the compost I covered it with in the fall.  This could be why it is suggested to wait a season to get to know your gardens before doing too much, LOL.

At least I know now; feel free to pass on any advice.

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