Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As every gardener soon learns, priorities in the garden are always changing.  
I allow myself to become distracted by creative ideas; maintenance can wait.

Despite proclaiming in a previous post that the first thing I was going to do was to create my lasagna gardens, it turns out that the very first thing I did was  to hang a bird feeder.  Not quite the same as a creative distraction but it did share a certain instinctual decision making process.  It was just something I had to do.
Sometimes you have to do things when they occur to you or miss the moment.
I find that to be particularly true in the garden.

An important part of gardening for me is creating a landscape that is both beautiful and that contributes to its environment.  Feeding the birds is an enjoyable obligation. I have the resources and the time if I choose to and those little Chickadees deserve my respect...how those tiny things do not freeze is one of nature's miracles.

So despite having a long list of actual work in the garden to do it surprised me, and it did not surprise me, when the first thing I did was hang up that feeder.


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  1. Having birds in the garden is half the fun, this is what we so with our Christmas tree each year.. http://sensiblegardening.com/a-tree-for-the-birds/

    1. Sounds like a great idea, though in my yard it might turn out to be more of a squirrel feeder, LOL.

  2. Oh is a bird bath far behind? I love that you did this. Our birds have a hard time during our winters and this may well be a life saver..plus in the summer, they will bring their young and show them how to use the feeder..GREAT post for Nature Notes..thank you... Michelle

    1. Michelle, I had a bird bath in Toronto but I left it with friends to enjoy and remember us by. I will definitely have to find a new one here, or perhaps put in a fountain...