Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The bunny rabbits that are plentiful in my new neighbourhood are terribly cute, like this one marching down my sidewalk.
As I understand it I will also find them to be terribly hungry come spring.  

Not surprisingly I did not have to worry about rabbits in downtown Toronto, nor did we have them at the cottage.  They present a new challenge for me; like the deer I love having nature in my yard, but knowing they will want to snack on my hard work come warmer weather I am classifying them as "frenemies" (friends + enemies).

Nestled under a Christmas tree decoration on our front porch.  Too cute!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with critters who consider your gardens their buffet table?



  1. Lots of snow your way.. we have rabbits and deer here. My late friend was a wildlife rehabber and she loved bats and bunnies. She told me to plant something they would really love and for the most part the clover helps. In the winter, I leave some hay pellets in a dish for them..I know.. I am a sap....Michelle

    1. I am crazy for snails. I mean I totally LOVE snails. Slugs included. Once I get a garden, it will be a moral dilemma...


    2. If only slugs would travel well I would ship you all I have from my gardens!