Friday, August 17, 2012


Along the south side of the cottage, beside the pea gravel path, is a space I am turning into a fern garden.  There is a place on the side deck here that gets later afternoon sun after the rest of the property is in shade, and when you sit there, you look out onto - you guessed it, my fern garden.

The green chairs in the background above is the place to capture late afternoon sun.

And this shot that I took at dusk, towards the end of May, is what you look out on.
The ferns in the foreground are ones that I planted in previous years to form a border and so have had time to adjust and are fuller and more robust.  Ferns in the back have been added more recently and will need time to fill out.

I added about 8 new ferns this summer to flesh out my plans - collected from roadside ditches as usual.  Digging holes in the forest floor is serious business, whew!

I am aiming generally for a triangular shape to draw the eye up to some large rocks in the background.
Why look out on dry brown leaves when the space could be green instead?

I was pretty good at watering the ferns every day after I planted them, but we had 30+ temperatures so it was tough on the transplants.  I will be anxious to see how they come back next year.

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  1. I enjoyed your garden photos today.
    We also garden in Wpg.

    1. Thanks Millie, Always nice to meet another WPG gardener. I bought my membership to 'Friends of Gardens Manitoba' yesterday.

  2. Nice thinking spot you have there... and the ferns are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I guess it is a 'thinking spot', eh?

  3. I have done much with just green plants. The leaves, forms, etc. more than give enough for the garden to look great. In one of my past postings on principles of design, I wrote about that. Also there you will find a posting on drawing the eye out to a focal point. We think much alike in these same principles. Glad to see your blog and will be watching for more postings. jack

    1. One needs to appreciate the benefits of foliage to really take on a woodland garden. Every property is going to have some shady spots so it has been great to develop my gardening knowledge in what many people think of as tough conditions. our blog also looks quite interesting and your gardens are huge!


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