Friday, August 31, 2012


Since moving to Winnipeg I have happily noticed that a fair number of people have taken over the boulevards and spilled their gardens into the public realm.  
I am going to create a page here for gardens in Winnipeg that I like and I am sure a fair number will include these adventurous souls.

Although spilling over onto the boulevard just outside of one's property doesn't have the political connotation one might assign Guerrilla Gardening, Wikipedia defines it as "gardening on land that the gardeners do not have legal right to use" so I will include what I have done as 'guerrilla', even though it is not at all contentious.

They were not getting enough sun to bloom here.

Last weekend I took surplus daylilies from my parents back yard and moved them to the cottage, some on their property, but also many along the boulevard.
They were incredibly dense and I am sure had not been divided for donkey's years.

To overnight them uprooted I put them in a garbage bag, water them and keep the bag tied until ready to plant to avoid drying them out.  

As a rule you will feel that you have way more daylilies once they are up, especially when they have not been divided for a long time.  My past success with these plants in The Lakefront Garden tells me that they can be separated into quite small bunches; I pretty much break them down as far as I can rather that leaving groups made up of even a few stalks together.  

They did great, but then again they had great conditions.
These are in part sun rather than full sun and have a very sandy soil so it will be interesting to see how they do.  Certainly others cottagers seem to have some success.  These ones, on their property, are happily within range of the hose. 
You can see here where I also planted further away, out of hose range, at the base of a clump of birch three cottages over, where they will get plenty of sun.  
I gave them a good soak the first two days and my mother thankfully made the trek a few times.  It has been 30+ degrees with no rain all week however, so let's hope they are surviving.

Look for a report next spring on how these are doing and another post soon on where the heck I am going to put there rest.  
2/3's still to go!

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  1. It's hard to go wrong with daylilies. They are tough plants.

    1. Let's hope these ones are really tough. It has been really, really hot and dry.


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