Friday, August 24, 2012


Not quite a glamour shot, eh?

When I looked at this space I thought that the line of grass starting between the South Fern Garden and Lily Garden drew the eye up toward the Septic Garden a little bit, but not too much.  
Not enough to serve a purpose.

The "grassy knoll" at the side of the Septic Garden wasn't grassy enough and once I got it in my head, I just had to pick up and move half the grass right away.  Better it be grouped more densely and make some impact with its colour (and prevent erosion on the slope) than connect the two gardens.

 There, isn't that better?

If you are like my husband, the difference escapes you (bless his heart), but I will always be glad I moved it.
The natural leaf mulch covered forest floor between the two gardens will do just fine until I figure out the best way to merge them, but it definitely wasn't with grass.

It only took 15 minutes...hardly a distraction from the planned gardening of the day.

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  1. I love the title...I haven't reached the point where I have a vision in my head of what things could look like so I am always amazed when someone does. I tend to worry about making a mistake too much and it kept me from doing things. I decided this year that they were only plants and I should go for it.. Glad you went for it and shared it with Nature Notes..Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle. Having a limitless supply of plant material at hand really freed me up to try things at the cottage. It was a great way to learn a lot of things that I'll now be able to apply as I buy plants for my new Tuxedo garden.

  2. Yes, that does look better.

  3. I's subtle...but really makes a difference...good eye!


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