Thursday, September 05, 2013

GARDENERS UNITE! - winnipeg bulb project

Let me bend your ear a moment about the not-for-profit I started earlier this year.  
The Winnipeg Bulb Project has kicked into high gear with City of Winnipeg Recreation Services helping to distribute the first 2,000 free daffodil bulbs to downtown youth in Winnipeg, which is my goal in this inaugural year.  (And if we beat that number I am confident we will be able to distribute those too!)

The Bulb Project's goal is to play a small role in connecting people with nature but there are a few other side benefits like:
  • beautifying downtown Winnipeg one-bulb-at-a-time
  • building community; recipients agree to plant only in front yards or public spaces
  • providing blooming plants for pollinators in decline
  • sparking an interest in gardening 


No amount is too small since every dollar raised goes straight to purchasing 3-4 daffodil bulbs. For the cost of an 'iced tall skinny dry latte' you can provide a good number of bulbs to brighten someone's neighbourhood and a whole neighbourhood's day.

If you live in Winnipeg and would prefer something in return for your money we have you covered. We are currently raising funds by selling bulbs for your own personal use from Vesey's fundraising catalogue.  Half of all proceeds go to the Winnipeg Bulb Project.  Just shoot me an e-mail, send a cheque (made out to Winnipeg Bulb Project) and I will let you know when your bulbs become available in the fall.

An area everyone can help with is by spreading the word.  If you think this is an intriguing way for a gardener to give back I encourage you to friend and share us on Facebook, tweet our links, +1 us on Google Plus or send an e-mail with encouragement to your friends, your colleagues and your connections at the Washington, National and Huffington Posts.

This has been an exciting project to get started and I am confident that with your help we can reach our goals.



We just finalized our logo. 

The bulb is a daffodil which we choose because they multiply over time, are reliably hardy, generally do not need as much sun as Tulips and deer & rabbits avoid them.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sallie. Please continue to spread the word!

  2. I love Daffodils and have lots of them planted in my front flower beds. I especially love that the deer leave them alone. I will come back and check out more details. I did like your fb page. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I think giving bulbs to beautify a community is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Jann. I just learned about SYC and will be back as well. I just placed my fall bulb order and did not include lilies because of the deer. Sad, but I made up for it with intriguing daffodils. :)


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