Saturday, September 28, 2013


I have not written about our Corporate Guerrilla Garden since June, but that does not mean it has not kept on growing and kept on evolving.

The garden was planted in a 150 square foot strip of mud between sidewalk and parking lot adjacent to my work. 
May 2013
My company sprang for the materials and in doing so supported fundraising efforts for my new not-for-profit the Winnipeg Bulb Project. The WBP is currently raising funds and I encourage you to visit their page, learn more and think about lending your support through social sharing and/or donation.

June 2013
Long term this will be a perennial garden but short term,so that everyone could feel some immediate impact, we planted quite a few Petunias which have been going gangbusters all summer.

July 2013
This really gives perspective to how 'urban' the garden really is!  And yes, I do already have my eyes on the patch of grass in the top-left corner of this photo for future development.

August 2013
I had such wonderful comments from readers of my blog and my Facebook page on what we are doing that I wanted to share them with the people in my neighbourhood. My creative department created weather-proof speech bubbles that have been literally planted in the garden and passerby now stop to read them and share in the love.

Let us just say that the street the garden is on is not exactly 'sought-after real estate' and so having this much positive energy articulated here is really making a difference.

 We have seen thoughtful neighbours 'caught' in the act of weeding the garden - and we love it.

We have heard others say how they have changed their walking routes to include our street just so that they can walk past and enjoy our garden.  
This is exactly what I hoped to achieve.

September 2013
Recently in my pursuit of a garden without any pink blooms I dug up, split and transplanted Peonies, Phlox and Asiatic Lilies from my own garden and added them to this garden.  They look a little haggard at the moment but next year I am certain they will spring forth full of vim and vigour to brighten up this  downtown neighbourhood.

A donation of only $5 provides 20 daffodil bulbs.
If you like the idea of urban or guerrilla gardening please consider checking out the Winnipeg Bulb Project and living vicariously though us as we provide daffodil bulbs for planting in public spaces in downtown Winnipeg.  

Gardeners Unite!



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    1. I've got a new goal - to create one good-sized sustainable guerrilla garden per year. Imagine 10 years form now!


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