Wednesday, September 18, 2013

EUREKA - late night inspiration

The bed across from my new Sun Garden is a bit of a disaster since we removed the tall straggly shrub that had been there for years.  The Lily-of-the-Valley are trampled, the Peony lies flat and invisible against the ground, and instead of casting beautiful shadows the lighting shines starkly against the white wall.


I will move the Lily-of-the-Valley to the Moon Garden and the Daylilies to the driveway strip but am not sure what I want to replace them with.  

Or at least I was not sure until last night.
I feel inspired today because while in the garden after dark last night I had the idea to move the 80 Blazing Star I put in the front garden last year (which do not get enough sun and are struggling) to help fill this space.

Below is how I more or less imagined them my front garden. 
Clearly, not what I achieved. 
Drastic changes are required, so up they come and into the Sun Garden they will go.

The purple from the Blazing Star will act as a bridge between the blue/purple front garden and the colours of the Sun Garden. After all, they are basically side by side so a transition plan is in order.

Their placement will allow me to stay true to my plans of having my NEW Sun Garden technically made up of only yellows, red and oranges (and bi-colours!).

Am I splitting hairs, differentiating between new and old portions of the Sun Garden? 

Perhaps, but these are the trade offs we make with ourselves as (garden) designers.

Have you made any mistakes in your garden this summer that you intend to fix this fall?

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  1. We gardeners frequently have to change things around. Plants do poorly, or get overly aggressive, and it upsets the design plan. I think your moon garden will very pretty next year, as will your sun garden.

    1. Thanks Beth. I even transplanted some poppies on the weekend. I know they do not like it because of their long tap root, but better now than a year from now I suppose...thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. Hey....I openly admit to not know what I am doing...ppl think I'm great...I'm not...I just try hard.....your flowers are beautiful...happy gbbd

    1. Thanks Janie, it looks from G+ like you are a new gardener, so follow your passion and you will keep on learning. At least that is my approach and so far, so good!

  3. This is a good time of year to move things around, have fun. The moon garden sounds cool, white flowers, I assume, are they fragrant?

    1. Hannah, yes the Moon Garden is all white flowers, some fragrant and some not, but I will have to try and ensure some additional fragrance at least by the bench. We have lots of lily of the valley there and at the very least I will have some fragrant white Hyacinths to plant.


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