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Today I learned about Nature Manitoba by going on their fundraising garden tour. Their stated goal "is to promote an appreciation and understanding of nature, and to preserve and enjoy it." which is completely aligned with the goals of my organization, the Winnipeg Bulb Project
My membership dues will be in the mail tomorrow. 

great cause and a beautiful day to explore some Manitoba gardening.  Of the 8 homes who volunteered their time and energy on the tour I am going to share two.

Twice in the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of seeing my friend Gerard's garden in bloom.  He has three acres only 10 minutes from my home but it feels like it is in the country and he has already had four different garden tours through this year.
Two weeks ago it was all about the poppies for me.  Even from a great distance the red ones in the upper right corner of the photo still pop.

Today so much had changed.
Yes there were still gorgeous Peony blooms, but now the Delphiniums were holding court, their delightful purple spires calling to me from across the spacious yard.

In particular they are splendid paired with Maltese Cross (which I put in my garden for the first time this year and am thrilled to see how it looks once established).
This enormous white Peony has solidified my thinking that white belongs anywhere. 
What an excellent foil to the surrounding riot of colour!
So elegant.

You are not dreaming, Gerard maintains a grass labyrinth, and not just any grass but beautiful ribbon grass.  I cannot wait to see it later in the year at its full height.
Tucked around one side of the house these vibrant shade dwellers appeared happy and healthy.

From Gerard's I also have some amazing macro shots.

So be sure to check back on Mondays when I link up with Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro.

Just up the street and also on the same tour was another house with amazing gardens.
This fish-eye shot is a little out of focus but you get the general idea of the incredible multi-faceted entrance. You can approach the house from the driveway three different ways, all of them beautiful.

Like the Peony at Gerard's this white Delphinium really speaks to me. I love the many blue and purple delphiniums, but if I was forced to choose...well let us hope it never comes to that.

I have never seen a bigger more healthy looking Delphinium. I may have to drive slowly by this yard for the next week or so to watch those spires fill out. 

I wish I had taken more photos because it was really stunning, both plants and sculpture, but I got caught up in enjoying it - and that is a pretty good reason I am sure you will agree.

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  1. Wow, great post Derek and I feel very fortunate that you have shared it with Today's Flowers. Thank you so much! I am dreaming of a garden like this, such a labor of love on your friend's part. And your photos show all its beauty! Gerard's grass labyrinth intrigues me. I have never seen one before, I bet it's amazing at its peak.

    1. Denise,
      Just found this e-mail now. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I'll pass the kudos on the garden over to Gerrard next time I see him!


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