Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FOLIAGE MYSTERIES - plant identification

With so many plants in the world it is not surprising that we cannot recognize them all by their foliage. Even when we narrow it down to plants in our local area there is just too much variety, at least for me there is.

This is where the internet comes in because it allows me to connect with more knowledgeable
and experienced gardeners.

I rely most often on the following Facebook groups:
Friendly Facebook folks help me to identify this a Heliopsis.

If you are going to join these groups it is a good idea to follow this advice posted by Drew Monthie a Garden Consultant, advocate of "plant-driven design" and one of Plant Identification's frequent and helpful users:
Use a camera that can capture detail
Take a side shot of the entire plant
Take an overhead shot of the leaves
Take a closeup of a leaf
Note what other plants are growing nearby
This morning I downloaded two different free apps on my iPhone.
Leafsnap is an app that requires you to place a leaf on a white background for best visibility and then upload it to their database for recognition. I look forward to trying it.
Plantifier is a crowdsourced app where you upload a photo for others to comment on and you can comment and help identify plants that others have uploaded. I quite enjoyed browsing other photos and commenting.

I have also had luck e-mailing questions to my local Master Gardeners' Association - in Winnipeg to the Manitoba chapter and at the Ontario cottage to the Halliburton chapter.

And now let us discuss my most important online community - you, my readers. For example, you  helped me to identify the extensive and nasty Creeping Bellflower throughout my property.

Maybe you can do it again?

The plant in the centre is about 2 feet tall, in full sun in a perennial bed and does not show any signs of blooming quite yet. It is crammed between a black currant bush on the right and the darker green Heliopsis on the left.

Any and all thoughts are welcomed.



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  1. No ideas. But I'll check back later and see if anyone has identified it! Thanks for linking up to Garden Tuesday!

  2. So, how are the leaves attached to the stem? Two north and south, then two east and west a little below the top set, or all four at the same level and layered down? A close up of the leaf might be helpful to see the edge of leaf and how the veins are placed. What does the underneath of the leaf look like. Are all the stems individually coming out of the base of the plant or is it a few stems with multiple branches? Of course, I still may not be able to identify it, but all this info helps.

    1. They may not answer all of your questions but I hope that the additional photos help some. So far the most votes is for a Phlox, which would please me greatly.

  3. I am sorry I can't help Derek..thank goodness as I use the Facebook groups for identifications also...Michelle

  4. It looks like a phlox seedling. Leave it be until it blooms and then you'll know for sure. Phlox, like heliopsis, is much loved by pollinators and is a beautiful cottage style plant. I think you'll like it. :o)

    1. I will be thrilled if it is Phlox, as long as it is not pionk of course, LOL.


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