Thursday, July 18, 2013


I am about to head out on three weeks of glorious vacation to our Ontario cottage which will include a number of visits with folks we have not seen since leaving Ontario almost a year ago, and of course gardening, lots and lots of gardening.

Without a computer at the cottage I will be relying on my iPhone to keep me connected via Facebook and Twitter (@astudentgardener) rather than updating this blog, so why not follow me on both or either?

They are quick ways to share photos and ideas.
When I am inspired I make a quick post, and in fact quite a bit of content that doesn't make it into a longer blog post makes it into these channels, particularly Facebook, so why not give it a whirl so we can stay in touch?

Last time I went on vacation I had some adventures.


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    1. Lynda,
      I just saw your well wishes now. Thank you, I did have a lovely time away!


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