Thursday, July 05, 2012


Okay, so only one wild strawberry planter this year, but definitely more next year. 

What I have done that is thrifty is to use natural plants from the woods to fill my planters.  The only bought plant for these woodland beauties are the white Impatiens, which at 4/$1 fit with a thrifty theme I'd say.  If you've got a sunny spot for planters then you have so many options, but if like me you're surrounded by trees Impatiens are some of the only shade loving annuals and certainly the least expensive.

The Wild Strawberry has a nice white flower in the spring (it's there, can you see it?) and I suppose I just might get some fruit though I have not seen any yet.  Otherwise the planter has lots of moss and the Impatien (yes, that is just from one plug).

The unexpected treat I got from the strawberry are the trailing bits you see in the shot above.  Not that noticeable but very nice - that strawberry has big plans!

Here are some of the other planters I've got going.  The Impatiens were so healthy I had to remove some and put them in the garden because they were covering all of the beautiful mosses!
Ferns, Jack-in-thePulpit, Solomon's Seal, moss, Trillium and other things I don't know the name of were all for then taking in our back woods.

I am sharing this with DIY Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday.

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