Friday, July 06, 2012

EPIPHANY - north deck garden

I was looking at this rather messy scene of browning Columbine and dying Fleabane and thinking:
  • when transplanting the way I do, it is not about what it looks like this year (all brown and scraggly), but what it will look like next year!
  • the pink Fleabane has come and gone before the white, is that normal?  
  • how interesting that there was a lone Daisy and a lone Sundrop under the north deck

Brave souls who have left the comfort of their traditional homes and sought out new adventure. 
A metaphor for our decision to move to Winnipeg? 
Certainly, it worked for the Sundrop, which is healthy and stronger than those still in the Lily Garden.

Seeing these two survive on their own is a reminder that many of the flowers I am planting 'here' and 'there', could also work 'there' and 'here', and 'over there' too.

These two bright spots inspired me to see in a flash what the garden will look like when it is flooded with them, both the Sundrops and Daisies together.  A great pairing. 
In this particular garden it will be interesting to see how they work with the Fleabane and Columbine, but it will be a few years before I tackle it -- because it got me in turn thinking that the South Deck Garden is an even better place for the Sundrops!

There they can fill in between the ferns and I will achieve that "no bare soil" look I go for.  They are the right height and from how they veritably scream out for attention from the greens next to the Dry Creek Bed, I know they will be fantastic here too.

I will keep give the recent transplants to the North Deck Garden a chance to show me next year how they are taking before I start introducing any other plants there, but I will not pull out these early settlers either. 

If they are patient they will one day be heralded as trendsetters by their kin.


  1. I’m always tickled to find a new blog to read. I’m looking forward to watching your progress. BTW I am soooooooo jealous of you huge fern find back in May. LOL

    1. Thanks Randy, I have dozens and dozens of large Ostrich ferns, those must be the ones you are thinking of. I love them too!

    2. When I get just a litttttttle more shade I'll start moving some in, I'm so ready to have ferns in the garden.