Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I know it may be hard to see, as if the tree stump is camoflauged.  But it is huge.  Bigger than any standing tree for as far as the eye can see.

Two years ago I planted the tallest fern, upper left, an Ostrich Fern.  It was bigger then than it is now (but don't worry it is growing larger again).  That first year I stuffed the fern in there without digging it out and adding soil first.  I consider myself lucky to have picked a plucky fern and now I have a special relationship with this tough plant (as I do all the plants that survive despite my various tests).

When my sister came to visit, she commented "Isn't it amazing that the fern grew there?" - that is exactly the reaction I want, as if the garden is so naturally lush that it doesn't feel like a garden per se.
People don't tend to notice groupings of native plants as being unusual or forced, but it can have a dramatic impact and it is my #1 guiding principle.

Could a stump naturally have that many ferns on it? I suppose it is possible, but we are not in a Vancouver Island Rain Forest. 
I just want it to look that way.

Last year I dug up the Ostrich Fern, added triple mix and planted it back again.

This year I added the rest:
- smaller Wood Fern underneath Ostrich
- two Wood Ferns on the long root running to the left
- another Wood Fern and a groundcover on a root running down towards us

Look closely and you'll see it is blooming.
If you've got an idea on what the groundcover is, let me know.

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  1. I am sooooooo glad you allowed me to COMMENT; ROFL at myself.. YOU WOULD LOVE my STUMP..just go back to LIKE GRAMMA'S HOUSE then scroll down looking in the RIGHT SIDEBAR...we inherited this one..[strange? nooooooooooo I moved a prized driftwood like piece w us from Tx to Al.] dontcha just luvit???Yes, of course YOU do! Thanks for linking and sharing -hope you will FOLLOW Like Gramma's House..ONE DAY I am gonna get to 100 followers lol.
    post script: I love the dynamic template but am having trouble seeing and accessing all the elements of the page..


    1. Thanks for the feedback on the Dynamic template, I'll have to make some time to really dig in to the different options available to make sure the site is all it can be,

      Glad you take advantage of your old stumps too!

  2. I love, love these photos, and how you've left the "natural" look.

    1. Thanks Heather. The more I try to bring in non-native flowers (and don't have luck with them, like Japanese Toad Lilies), the more I am drawn toward native plants. And the more I check out the prices at garden supply stores, the more I am drawn to use what is at hand, LOL.

  3. Thank you for linking up. I agree, I love how natural everything looks.

    1. Thanks Pam, the natural look is important to me.