Monday, July 09, 2012


Because I once bought a variety pack of lilies from Vesey's I allowed pink Asiatic Lilies into my life. 
I may never buy another variety pack of flowers again. 
I am sure some people love pale pink, but as you can see, I prefer vibrant colours reminiscent of sunsets and autumn.  I'm looking for summer heat, not a delicate spring wedding.
There are three or four in the front and one wa-aay in the back (I have circled them because their pale, washed out colour makes them hard to spot).
To make the best of it I'm going to move the one at the back into the group at the front.  Perhaps together they will be able to compete for attention with their livelier neighbours.  

As with the Fleabane and Columbine under the North Deck Garden, there are of course times when I will end up with pink flowers. For example, I won't ignore the free pink Columbine from my neighbour's yard in favour of going out and purchasing a different Columbine.
In that case, pink will do. 

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