Thursday, January 02, 2014


Finally, a map of the Moon Garden, where all flowers are white unless otherwise noted.

Given I put this map off all summer and fall I know there are gaps in it where I simply cannot recall (hence the need for the map) that I will have to fill in as plants return next year - or not.  While annual Impatiens and Petunias are visible below I am not mapping them and will use them to fill in gaps amongst the perennials. 

Green circle far left is Hemerocallis. Standard orange daylilies.

Smaller blue circle is Lily-of-the-Valley; was already here and has white blooms - perfect fit.

Large pale pink circle is Bishop's Goutweed; was already here with white variegated foliage - perfect fit.

Red hexagons far left are Peony. I divided an existing light pink one and add five new whites in the fall. 

Orange circle is Solomon's Seal.

Yellow dashed circle is Daffodils, last year they were hidden by Solomon's Seal by the time they bloomed, I hope they are earlier this year.

Green chevrons are variegated Hosta which I may move to the front as an under-story to the Peony since they were essentially hidden by the Impatiens last year.

Blue squares are  Bleeding Hearts which kept their shape right into the freezing weather.

Brownish red hourglass is a volunteer Milkweed from the Alpine garden.

Yellow stars are Foxgloves. I will add five more this summer.

Mint green 'not equal' sign are Candy Tuft, designed to be lower growing at the front of the border but a favourite of rabbits as it turns out.

Blue/grey cross are Echinacea, also enjoyed by rabbits.

Another Bleeding Heart off by itself has frilly foliage but was eaten down by rabbits very quickly. Let's hope the roots took and we find it back again. 

Dotted purple line is about 9-11 Allium.

Purple star-burst is a Peony Tree. Planted late, let us hope it survives.

Golden diamonds are Goat's Beard which shall grow tall and provide some substance to the back border.

Large yellow rectangle are 10 re-blooming tall bearded Iris.

Two brown 'flag' shapes represent Lupine that I started from seed and were still very small still at the end of the season.

Blue/grey ovals along the back are Lily-of-the-Valley.

The bright green dashed-line 'witches hat' is 25 Hyacinths. My first year planting them.

The red bullseyes are Tall Phlox designed to cover up the bottom of the trees.

Yellow sideways diamonds are Shasta Daisies, the two beside the  path are "Broadway Lights" and the rest I started from seed last year but did not see any blooms from.

The dashed purple is again Allium, this time the petite "Allium Graceful" (white with flecks of purple) along the front border.

The blue triangles are Dianthus that I refer to as my stowaways.

On the other side of the path we have yellow circles representing Lamium as groundcover and more tall Phlox.  

In front of the hedge we begin our transition to the Monet Garden with a variety of purple Allium and a mix of purple and white Crocus.

Stay tuned for deeper dives on different sections of the Moon Garden

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  1. Love your map!!! What software did you use to create it? I use skitch with evernote and I like it, but it doesn't look nearly as good as what you've got!

    1. Pam,
      I copy and paste the photo into PowerPoint then add shapes. I then change the colour and remove the fill and 'save as' a jpg. I keep the PowerPoint which makes it easy to return later and make adjustments.