Wednesday, January 15, 2014


When sitting on the bench looking at our home there is a lone branch hanging down from the large Blue Spruce between you and the house, and believe it or not, as slight as it is, it serves to create a vague sense of separation.
When combined  with the Peony it creates almost enough of a barrier that you feel sheltered from the bright lights of the house.

Intimately close, yet at the same time set apart. 

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Festiva Maxima’
It is an illusion I am trying to enhance by adding five new peony Festiva Maxima

I am also dividing the existing lightly pink-tinged Peony into three and planting them along the border and the pathway. New and old have been inter-planted and odd roots that fell away from the transplant were thrown into the same holes as the new plantings. The more blended these two are, the better.

While I have read that Peony do not like to be transplanted  I have personally had luck with it before, so I am willing to try again.   My hope is that the increased size of the Peony border between the house and bench will enhance the sense of separation and increase the feeling that one is tucked away in a forest.

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  1. Peonies really don't mind transplanting or dividing for that matter… the most important thing is the season when the task is done… fall is best by far, especially if dividing them. I've also had great luck transplanting tree peonies in the fall. Larry

    1. Larry,
      Glad to hear from you, your gardens are amazing, so I truly value your advice. My peonies should be fine I hoe but I am worried about my first Peony tree. It came very late in the fall but at least it also has a guarantee in case it does not make it through this extremely cold winter.

  2. it looks lovely. I love the illusion of the separation...

    1. Let's hope it grows along with the plants as planned next year :)