Saturday, June 22, 2013

TRANSITION - purple to white

Blue and purple garden on the right, white Moon Garden on the left.
Currently the purple Iris mixed with pansies work well, but it could be better

I will replace those purple Iris with these ones from the Sun Garden.

  Purple and white. Perfect transition.

Then I will move these rich purple Iris into the sun garden where they will provide a nice contrast to the the bright sunny colours.

In the middle around the entrance we have purple & white pansies,  purple pansies and purple violas in the planters. Then before jumping completely into white, purple has a last hurrah with the Allium which are set off against the hedge.  Under the Allium I have planted seeds for a low-growing white ground cover and then it really is off to the races, all-white all-the-time.

What do you think? A subtle and effective transition? 


  1. What a lovely home and the plantings are very nice!

    You asked about my birch walk and I posted the following response...
    Derek... the birch walk has shown up through the years in other posts but no specific info... I used Whitespire birch (from University of Wisconsin program) which are supposed to be resistant to borer. I have had problems with leaf minors through the years and when they were young treated them systemically. The leaf miner problem disappeared in our area many years ago but I noticed it was back last season. Since the foliage has gotten higher through branch pruning over the years, it's not a big deal as it doesn't get noticed any longer. The biggest issue is having a moist and cool enough climate that birches appreciate... I resort to watering in dry seasons. At one point all my plantings were beneath the birches but eventually I changed that to the way it is now by removing those plantings which were low junipers around the base of the trees and groundcovers between the birch/juniper groups. I have done birch areas for others through the years and would recommend laying out any paths etc, at the outset as waiting for some size on the birches can create problems since they are shallow rooted. That's about it... if you have other questions, feel free to inquire... hope this helps, Larry

    1. Larry thanks for the info on the birch. I am going to have to grab a landscape architect friend to help me figure out the placement, but I definitely want to add them to the front lawn.

  2. I really like the purple and white. I'm not getting a sense of transition yet, though, from purple to white, probably because of the beautiful Allium still blooming, and no white ground cover yet. (You could try white Allium there next year, perhaps.) Both of the irises are lovely. I like the one with the white better with those pansies, but I wonder if it would take away from the effect of the transition to have white over in the purple and blue section. Your climate is probably cool enough up there that pansies do OK and fill out through the mid-summer?

    I like the idea of the transition and think it's a good design. Please post pictures again later in the summer when the white has come in better!

    1. Whew! Yesterday I transplanted the Iris, moving out the purple and moving the purple & white in. It was a lot of moving but will be worth it. With a new garden bed I have given myself 3 years to get it looking how I like it, so I hope you can be patient with me. Though of course I'll post some updates during the summer and perhaps I will surprise myself with how quickly it comes along...


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