Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The other day I wrote about being shocked at seeing some daffodils coming up amongst plants that would normally follow after they are done blooming, but are now competing directly for sunlight due to the season's late start.  Well, today I am a little less shocked. Aside from the fact that I found some others in the front yard, I have turned up 7 instead of just the two I initially spied. 
Of course I grabbed my secateurs and trimmed back all the taller Goutweed surrounding each bloom to show them off to full effect. It looks quite nice. The only problem is that I planted 50 bulbs under that tree and I wish I knew why more have not turned up, because it looks so good that I am tempted to try a second time unless someone can explain why they might now work there:
- too acidic under a Spruce?
- I had 6 yards of soil dropped there last fall, are they buried too deep, but if so, would the Goutweed come up? 
- Is the Goutweed too aggressive for it and the bulbs to survive together?
Did I plant too late? I did plant quite late...

Any thoughts on what might have gone wrong with this idea are welcome.
If we cannot come up with anything together I am willing to spend another $30 to try and achieve the look I am going for again next fall.

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  1. No thoughts, but it's a beautiful effect!

    1. I should double check for any more hidden gems tonight!

  2. Squirrels? Six yards of new soil would probably eliminate the problem of acidity under the tree for awhile. It's possible that it may be too shady for the daffodils. I've got irises growing close to my spruce tree on the shadier north side of my yard and they bloom at least two weeks after the ones in full sun. Advice? Wait and watch.

    1. True, there could be some even later arrivals growing under there...


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