Monday, March 25, 2013

SEED PLANTING - which seeds 2 of 3

The Moonflower is for the Moon Garden of course where I will climb it up the base of the Liliac tree I have been following in posts though its pruning since our first visit.

The Chocolate Morning Glory is to be trained up the shrub outside the south living room window and perhaps wind its way through whatever it turns out to be.

Both kinds of Peas with edible pods will run along the back chain link fence on the north side, i.e. south facing, so they should get lots of sun.

The Bright Lights Swiss Chard are for their colour which is the palette of my new South facing lasagna garden. If I can learn how to cook it between now and harvest, all the better.

Despite their pic on top of a seed tray, these should all be able to be direct sown. 
If I have the space I may try some of the Moonflower indoors but that is about it from this lot.



  1. I love gardening !! the seeds you have mentioned in the post are great!! i would love to hear more from your side ! Thank you !

    1. I'll be following up on the seeds as they progress. Stay tuned.

    2. The morning glory, we have a perennial creeper here is Australia that is an impossible WEED to get rid of. But the colour of the flowers are stunning. Are your morning glories, weedy, are they creepers, we just don't see anything here but the weedy one. It strangle everything

    3. While the morning glories here are prolific in their self-seeding I do not think they are quite the same as what you are describing. While they did try and take over some of my veggie garden once it was nothing I could not handle by pulling them out before they seeded. I expect them to climb up the chain link fence vs. creep along the ground.


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