Sunday, March 03, 2013

NO TURNING BACK - a movement is born

To say that is a 'movement is born' is perhaps a bit high minded of me and I should more correctly say that I have joined an existing movement, that of spreading the joy of gardening and a connection to our environment, since there are many, many wonderful organizations already doing just that

At a more micro level though I hope I am contributing to the start of a movement in that I am taking a direct lesson from the Westcott Bulb Project that has to-date planted over 110,00 bulbs in their neighbourhood working with neighbours, community organizations and local businesses. I wrote about them earlier and said I hoped to "get off my butt" and I suppose now I have.

I have even started a Facebook group - and if you would like to join I would be thrilled.  

Now that it is out on Facebook there is no turning back. I have some commitments from friends to buy bulbs from the Vesey's fundraising catalogue  (and of course I will be buying some too), so at the very least I can confirm I will be giving away some free bulbs this fall. Whether I can come close to Westcott's impressive first year give-away of 2,300 bulbs remains to be seen. 

Instead of focusing on my own neighbourhood we will give them away in more urban areas where I hope to inspire connections to our environment, neighbourhood pride, gardening and between people. If Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point taught me anything it is that small things can make a big difference.  It may be a  long, slow process but reading the history of the Westcott Bulb Project is inspiring and I am optimistic. 

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck with the bulb project, I quite enjoyed reading the Tipping Point awhile back. We all can make a difference.


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