Sunday, November 25, 2012


I discovered a site that aggregates blog content about trees.
Amazing.  I love trees.

One of the things that I found is that people "follow trees" by sharing photos of a tree throughout the year.  Interesting idea, and today is the first of a few of these posts that I am going to do this year as I get to know my new property and its trees.

This is the first one I am going to document because it is in desperate need of a trim.  

It looks like a very bushy shrub with some decent sized trees in the middle but should really be just a few of the bigger trees.  In fact it should probably just be one tree, but I like a clumping look.

I do not even know what kind of tree it is, but nonetheless I can tell it needs some pruning and have an idea on how I think it should look.   
As soon as I know what it is I will share, or if you know, fill me in.

Soon I will take my secateurs and cut back the smallest stuff and then share another photo.
Then I will get the loppers from the cottage and cut back the next size, and share another photo.
And then I will take out my hand saw and get rid of a few of the bigger trees, and share a photo.

It will be an interesting project, one that I can actually do in the winter and I look forward to sharing and getting feedback.


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  1. I didn't know you could prune them in the winter. That was news to me. After we had a bad ice storm, we had an arborist come and cut and trim what needed to be done. I am heartbroken that we are going to lose all our ash trees to the emerald ash borer as I too love trees...Michelle

    1. We have a serious problem here with Dutch Elm Disease, but I do not think the EAB has gotten here yet.

  2. It’s also important to remember not to prune too much off of a tree. Generally, you want to prune the smallest amount you possibly can that achieves the desired effect. A certified arborist is your best bet if you want the job done properly and safely the first time.