Thursday, September 13, 2012

INSPIRATION STRIKES - hosta fountain

There are times when I am working in the garden when things just come together. 
When I am on a roll.  
When I am feeling particularly creative and inspired.

Last night was one of those times.

You can judge if you think what I did s inspiring or not, but it felt that way.
Oh, and if you are willing to give feedback, let me know what you think the Allium should go when we get to that part.

The Hostas and Peonies in my parents back yard garden are grouped closely together, but not in any particular pattern - yet close to one.
The large peony in the centre is almost fully surrounded by the variegated hostas.

And wouldn't you know it, there happens to be a spare matching hosta elsewhere in the same garden!
So I decided to encircle the peony and mimic the shape of a garden fountain.
Can you see the potential?
In order to do that I had to remove the Daisies in the red circle and the Allium in the blue circle. I am going to group the daisies in the garden on the west side of the backyard.  
(Grouping like-plants to increase their impact is one of my favourite tricks for making your garden have more impact without spending a dime.)
But I am not sure of the Allium, and they remain planted in a box for now, I picture them around the hostas, and a bit in and out of them as well - or around the trunk of the Oak tree.

In the purple circle is the 'extra' hosta from the other side of the peony.  All by itself.  Lonely.
Behind that  in the blue and red circles we have daylilies, and while they repeat elsewhere in the garden which is important, these two in particular  feel a bit lost to me there.

They will not have been divided in years so I am going to break them up and use them to flesh out  around the hostas - in the red (and teal) circles.  
In the purple circle, another daylily clump is already partially covered and ready for a break up.
And finally, I discovered some very small, very unhealthy looking Iris.  You can just see them in the yellow circle.  I doubt they get enough sun here and will look for another spot for them as well.

Oh, and the hosta in teal?  It is getting moved to the opposite side of the yard to join a few others I planted last week to create some colour near the patio, under a large oak.


So I split the 'extra' hosta in two and even though the two newbies are drooping a bit from the effort,  I can see how it will all work together to create quite a centerpiece over time.  
Heck it may look great as early as next spring.  
I will report back.

Now on to the Allium, which I have split into 7.  They will have to get planted tomorrow.  
Will having them interspersed amongst the hostas put this over the top like I think it will (i.e. in a good way)? 
Or will it make it too cluttered?

I'd love your thoughts.

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  1. I have just recently began to plant hostas...they really make a great addition to the garden.

    1. They are hardy plants and come in loads of shades of green for those less sunny spots. I think they are great too.

  2. I wonder of the allium would do better in a sunnier location - maybe pair them with the daisies you moved. For interplanting among the hostas, how about Brunnera or Woodland Phlox?

    1. Interesting suggestion. I have not seen the garden in the summer to understand the light it gets, but they bloomed there last year. But perhaps you are right, after all it is pretty much the same reason I am moving the daisies although according to my mother they also bloomed, along with the hostas, in previous years.

      Maybe it is the hostas that should be moved? Scratch that - too much work, LOL.

  3. If the allium bloomed there already, they probably have enough sun to do so again next year, so I say go for it with the allium in the the hosta. Also, the peony will likely be out of bloom when the allium bloom, at least that is the progression they follow in my garden, so it might be nice to have the allium there to provide a bit of follow-up color after the peony in the summer. I loved seeing your thought process as you worked your way through the garden--very interesting and what a lovely garden it is!

    1. Thanks Athena, I am glad you enjoyed it. I tried to follow my thought process because it was somewhat funny that I thought this would be a quick switch. Only when I started to dig did I really realize that I would have split the hosta, and to move the Allium, and only then that I may as well divide it, and move those tiny iris...

  4. I think interspersing them will add a punch of color. Looks like you had a productive day! I just started a new gardening link up, so swing by to see what Tuesday Greens has to offer. Have a great week!

    1. I think you are right Becky, I plan on interspersing them. I'll be sure to check out your blog too.

  5. I came to your site after a search for a "drooping hosta". Have you any time spent with one? I'm not sure there is such a plant.

    1. I believe a Hosta might droop if it is in need of water but have not otherwise heard of a "drooping hosta". Thanks for stopping in.