Saturday, October 18, 2014

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - digging up the old sun garden

In order to have foundation work done in our basement, the Old Sun Garden outside our living room window has been completely dug up.

July 27, Old Sun Garden
I very much like where I have ended up with this particular bed, and I can see an even better version of it now that I have the chance to rebuild. The optimized bed will have half the Heliopsis, a taller grass with bigger seed heads than the Panic Grass I added earlier this year (now transplanted to the Sun Garden), the few New England Asters struggling in the Monet Garden and of course the all important combination of Liatris and Sea Holly (more of the former than the latter). 

October 15-30, Old Sun Garden
 Many of the plants I plan on leaving where I have transplanted them, only the LiatrisNew England Aster and Sea Holly wait patiently on a tarp in the garage. I will not be putting the full garden back together this fall, instead improving the soil and taking my time to carefully plan this bed's evolution.

These Heliopsis have been placed further under the large Spruce tree in hopes of turning the border that I introduced last year into much more of a patch.  Let us hope they get enough light under here. 

Heliopsis and Lamium groundcover (from the Monet Garden) are helping to make the space between my gardens feel less like a driveway and more like somewhere we could host a dinner party. There was enough material to plant on both sides of the cedars, though it remains to be seen if they will get enough sun here as well.

I am willing to take these gambles with sunlight because I learned last year how prolifically the Heliopsis self seeds and how properly spaced seedlings quickly grew to the same heights as more well established clumps, so I am not worried about replenishing them no matter how big a hit they take.

Wish me luck as I take full advantage of this "opportunity".

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  1. You've obviously put tons of work into your lovely garden. I bet it gets more rewarding each year!

    1. NC Sue, they sure keep me busy! Thanks for stopping in.

  2. I always get so many ideas from your garden!

    1. Thanks Pam, that is very flattering and certainly part of the reason why I share what I am learning. :)