Wednesday, October 22, 2014

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - digging up the monet garden

 In order to have foundation work done in our basement, the Old Sun Garden and the back of the Monet Garden outside our living room windows have been completely dug up.
August 13
The back of the Monet was not stellar looking by any stretch yet, yet it had been set on its path and I was not planning on adding much else to the Monarda, Anchusa azurea 'Loddon Royalist' Ostrich Ferns, Tree Lilies, New England Asters and Foxglove.

Oct. 15-30
Originally I wanted as much colour in this garden as possible, I was tired of the shade gardens I had in Ontario and wanted to have more sun and new options - what I have come to realize is that wanting something does not make it so. It is time for a new look at old favourites, time to  revive my appreciation for shades of green and embrace, rather than fight, the Monet Garden's shady character.

I am going to raise up the height of the back bed by bringing in a few more inches of quality soil and then expanding the patch of Ostrich Ferns so they stretch across the entire front wall.  A mix of purple Astilbe and Calla Lilies will help fill the space, should the callas survive their first winter in our basement.  The Tree Lilies were cut back but not dug out and so should return and spring forth from amongst the ferns.

The Monarda and Foxglove have been permanently moved forward into the new part of the Monet Garden while both the Asters and Anchusa have made their way to the Sun Garden now that I have become more flexible with my colour design.

I have six purple tree lilies to add to the garden, do you think they would work well interspersed amongst the Iris toward the front, creating the opportunity for visitors to pass through a 'forest' of sweet smelling lilies, or mixed with the existing tall lilies towards the back, building on an already successful choice?

I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. wow, danke für die tollen bilder!!! einen schönen donnerstag wünscht angie aus deutschland